Almoner’s Fund

The Almoner is an elected officer of the Scottish Rite whose duty is to dispense the charities of the Lodge. The recipient is never aware of the source of the aid. True charity happens without fanfare or recognition of the source. The various expenditures are an investment made to assist those in need by giving them a feeling of security, and knowing that someone cares enough to give their time and money to help lift their worries. Maintaining the Almoner’s fund is the duty of each member of the Scottish Rite and exemplifies the three principle tenets of Masonry – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

When attending meetings, Scottish Rite Masons will hear the injunction by the Almoner regarding the contributions; no brother is expected to leave without making his contribution. This is in no way intended to embarrass a brother, but to remind him of his duty. Many brethren who are unable to attend meetings have not overlooked this important Masonic duty by including a contribution for the Almoner when they pay their dues.

If you are aware of or are a Brother in need, you can contact the Almoner. The identity of anyone requesting assistance from the Almoner is held in the strictest confidence and will never be made public.

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